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Going Places Digital located in Provo, Utah Is a Search Engine Optimization agency for all of Utah. We provide SEO services for the state of Utah.

Utah SEO

Is Your SEO Strategy
"Dead in the Water?"

Google is an ocean of information, and you are like an island that has never been charted if you don’t have an Utah SEO strategy in place.

The bottom line:
No one in Utah. Knows. You exist.


That's Where We Step In

We help you generate, not only traffic but targeted Utah web traffic using customized, hands-on SEO solutions for your specific market.


Consistency, Starting from the Ground Up

We provide automated location verification in Utah, along with citation consistency to improve your local SEO. Ask us about Web 2.0 backlinks.

Every Good Relationship Starts with Trust

We boost your rank in Google by having only relevant, and authoritative sites link to you. Thanks to our SEO services, your clients won’t see you as a market authority but as the UTAH market authority.

Let's work together to build your Utah business into the authority.

5 billion searches are performed every day. BE FOUND.
— internetlivestats.com